My Goodreads Challenge

Today I am two books behind in my reading challenge of 60 books in 2019. I do count audio books as I like to listen to books while doing dishes and quilting and to help me get to sleep. Maybe half of my books are audio (need to check that out). I have 7 on currently reading list, but ones like Astrophysics for People in a Hurry is a slow read for me. I can get through a cozy mystery in a day or two. Will update reading section relating to the “Challenge” this year.

Blogging 149

So here I am taking college classes with all these energetic twenty year olds. No problem, they are all great. But there is a problem called “technology” and a social world I don’t seem to fit into called “social media.” I started a blog when I decided to write; got busy and gave it up. Now with several completed books and writing frequently I am attempting to enter this technical social world — and taking blogging 149, and wondering if I should have started with a blogging 101. Notwithstanding, you my dear readers will soon see the wonderful results of this class.

A Day in the Life of a Troll

(continued from Troll Union — a little more about how Trolls live)

Lodi and his wife did not live in the building where he had met and entertained Mr. Brown. That building was a condominium those of his kind used when they had business or work in the city. Lodi lived in a community of Trolls in the Tillamook forest area. Their homes were secluded in the forests, generally on or near one of the many creeks in the coastal mountains. Humans generally bypassed the forests in the bullet trains that got them from Portland to the coastal cities in about half an hour. The Naval bases and large population supporting them were primarily in Astoria, Newport, and Coos Bay. Much of the ocean view area was dedicated to vacation homes and hotels.
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The Fairies

Another scene from “If They Were Real – what things might look like if non-human peoples lived among us.

Samantha patted on the pillow next to hers. “Sit here Mama, I’m ready for my book.” As her mother climbed up on the bed beside her, she handed her an old worn blue book with dog-eared corners.

She turned the book to the cover that read “Fairy Tales,” and asked, “where did you find this book dear?”

“Upstairs in the book shelf in the spare room. It has such lovely pictures, please read me a story Mama.”

Her mother opened the book and flipped through a few pages. “I remember this from when I was a very young child,” she mused out loud, “I didn’t know I still had it.”

“What is the book Mama, what are the stories?”

“They are fairy tales, made up stories. A tale is a story, we don’t use that word much now, instead we say story.”
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