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Some of my favorite books are fiction books about writers and books. Heads You Lose, by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward is a detective story written by two authors, each taking a chapter. In one chapter Lisa killed off a character she didn’t like, then next chapter David had him revived in the hospital, so in the next chapter Lisa killed him again and wrote “now he is really really dead.” Lisa Lutz’s other books are great. Canapes for the Kitties by Marian Babson is a mystery in a small village with a number of mystery writers – the end is great so won’t spoil it for you. I also love Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series of books that take place in a world where books and reading is common, and also where characters in a book can cross the line into the ‘real’ world and vice versa. You do need an imagination to read Jasper Fforde’s books. And if you want to experience a unique website go to

3 thoughts on “Fiction About Writers

  1. Judith, I am challenged today. This is the second time I’ve posted the wrong name in one of my posts. For me, it’s a bit like calling my sons by the wrong name. I’m sorry! I call these scarecrow days, “If I only had a brain!”


  2. Wow, Jasper Fforde’s books sound really interesting! Also, writing a book with another author by alternating chapters sounds like it could be fun, or frustrating, depending on how you felt about what the author wrote! I can say that I do not get to read as much fiction as I’d like. I usually spend my time reading nonfiction and recent health-related research. Maybe this summer I’ll make it a point to choose one fiction book to tackle.


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