Writing for Fun

You might find writing can be fun, even if you are not a writer with aspirations to create short stories or a novel. Some friends and I took a prompt writing class from Write Around Portland (http://www.pdxwriters.com) a great non-profit group. When the class was over we didn’t want to stop — so found a few more friends and made our own prompt writing group we call the Wesix Writers. 

Prompt writing is great even if you literally only have a few minutes. My group usually does ten-minute exercises. Many of my blog postings come from my writing in this group — the ones I considered fun. One of the best parts is reading what others come up with using the same prompts.

I follow a blog for a group that does five minute prompt writing exercises https://inkslingersguild.wordpress.com. This group shares what each of them wrote from the prompts. Prompts are easy to find. My favorite site for prompts is: http://writingexercises.co.uk. However, a quick query to Google will result in a long list of resources for prompt writing. 

Wesix Writers could produce quite a few novels from the ideas created in our prompt writing sessions if we were ambitious novelists who had time, and more importantly the inclination, to utilize our brilliant ideas. We don’t, instead we simply have a lot of fun writing.

3 thoughts on “Writing for Fun

  1. Awesome! Thanks for all these useful links. I would love to do more prompt writing. I rarely do it on my own as a writing exercise. I mostly have done it if it’s in a class I’m taking. But this has inspired me to try it! If I could commit to one short writing prompt per week, I bet my writing would improve!


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