Why Blog?

A dear friend asked me why I wanted to take a class to learn how to blog. I mumbled some kind of response to her about my own reasons. Most of my blogging classmates have begun their blogs for seventeen to thirty different reasons (some of us have multiple reasons). In the last three weeks I have met (through their blogs) some amazing people of all ages who have already begun to share their wonderful amazing lives. This small group is sharing and reflecting all the joys, adventures, suffering, challenges, hopes, dreams, creativity, and imaginations of being a human being. The wonder of being. Maybe that is why people blog.

7 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Amen, it’s a way to express ourselves and release the stress of the ‘real’ world, making it make sense. Why do people paint, write, dance, play music and all the other arts? It is something we have that raises us above the animal, lifting us to the heavens. Very deep, considering how some of seem sort of shallow sometimes.

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  2. “The wonder of being.” I love that! One of the reasons why I started blogging was because I had been following blogs that truly inspired me, not just in the way that they made me feel, but because they inspired me to take action in my life to create positive change. And I found that it didn’t take much. It was just one person sharing their experience of life; their ups and downs; what worked for them and what didn’t. This was enough to give me the reassurance that I was not alone in my life experiences. So I wanted to do the same for others by sharing myself and my life. And just that simple sentence that you wrote at the end of this blog I find inspiring too. Because being alive is something that I think should spark wonder. We are all so lucky to be given the opportunity! I also love your cover photo. Where is that? Did you take it? I look forward to reading more of your blog!

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  3. It’s a beautiful thing that we can all come together and share our interests, and little bits of our lives with others. Maybe through expression of our own experiences we can hopefully inspire someone, or let someone know they aren’t alone. I love how diverse our class is when it comes to age, and topics of blogs– I’ve always enjoyed broadening my perspectives on interests that other people have. I’m excited to see your future writings!

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  4. Judith, it’s so much fun meeting other bloggers as well. I think it’s fun to be able to share common interests with people, or read into peoples lives. I myself starting blogging because of seeing other bloggers content and being inspired to start my own. It’s so much fun to share whatever you want, and have the ability to do and share whatever you feel like posting that day! I’m excited for your future blog posts and can’t wait to see what more you learn from the class!


  5. Judith, this group has inspired me to take up writing again. This time, I think I’ll be able to stay with it. I find blogging to be very fulfilling.


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