4 thoughts on “The Lord of the Dance (on Youtube)

    1. Assignment was to post a link. I just grabbed one that was on my computer. Didn’t think it through as it has nothing to do with my subject of writing. Only as class assignment.

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      1. …but I bet you *could* write about it! The Irish music does kind of go along with your interest in fairies etc., right? Maybe I say that because I go to a music camp every year and share a big campsite with friends who play Irish fiddle tunes (I play American tunes), and we all jokingly refer to the genre as “airy fairy” music. Either that or “deedly-deedly,” since it’s so relentless. And they tease us about how simple-minded and repetitive our tunes are. Don’t get me wrong, though, I love Irish music. 🙂

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  1. Judith, do you keep a file for future stories/writing projects? If so, you could add links like this to it for future consideration.


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