My Goodreads Challenge

Today I am two books behind in my reading challenge of 60 books in 2019. I do count audio books as I like to listen to books while doing dishes and quilting and to help me get to sleep. Maybe half of my books are audio (need to check that out). I have 7 on currently reading list, but ones like Astrophysics for People in a Hurry is a slow read for me. I can get through a cozy mystery in a day or two. Will update reading section relating to the “Challenge” this year.

5 thoughts on “My Goodreads Challenge

  1. I too am in the midst of completing my goodreading challenge of 2019. I usually read 4+ books a month, but I just had a baby so that has changed quite a bit! I’m going to start reading the Harry Potter series since I haven’t and it’s a HUGE reading goal of mine for 2019. I refuse to watch the movies first and my hubby absolutely hates that! I also have yet to try audiobooks, I feel like I like the feeling of a physical book in my hand but I’ve never really gave it a try. Might be useful while I’m doing things like cleaning, I’m just scared I wouldn’t be able to focus on it!

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    1. Lien, I finally found out how to reply to a post! While looking for the ability to do this I saw a widget called Goodreads; haven’t experimented with it, but might.

      My experience with babies is that you give up a lot for them, but so worth it. Our children and friends are our own stories we get to experience every day.

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  2. I should probably start a list of all of the books I plan on reading, right now I’m mostly just going through series that I’ve heard of and never got into or ones where I saw and the movie and want to check out the book.

    Ever since I recently started listening to audiobooks I have been devouring everything I can get a hold of. I’ve started the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Lord of the Rings series on audiobook and just recently finished the Divergent series. Whenever I have time to read (for pleasure as opposed to schoolwork) I get a snippet of the Inheritance Cycle, and I’ve started collecting R. A. Salvatore’s books so that I can read my way through The Forgotten Realms.

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