Another prompt writing exercise – using the words: wheelchair, Labrador, throne, jungle, prescription, railroad, trunk, gulley, wasp, photosynthesize

If it had not been for the research of Doctor Gindeah the human race would have become extinct a thousand years ago. Because of him humans can photosynthesize from the earth’s resources, just as plants did in our ancient world before they became extinct.

There is clear evidence of abundance of plants. Some grew in what were called jungles or forests; there were tall plants on stems called trunks (these were called trees). These living beings, the plants and trees, were green like us humans. It remains a mystery why we survived and they did not as they also had the ability to photosynthesize.

Then there is evidence for other living things they called animals. For some reason the only animals that did not become extinct was the dog called a Labrador. Animals differed from humans in that they generally were fur covered, just as our wonderful Labradors, but perhaps not as intelligent. Our Labradors graciously pull our wheelchairs wherever we wish to go. They do balk at going into a gulley or walking on railroad tracks.

As long as we are talking about what we know of the ancient world we must mention the wonderful wasp. We found records indicating the wasp was not revered back then, but greatly misunderstood. Today of course, we each maintain and care for our own hives of wasps just as they care and provide for us in the loving symbiotic relationships we all have with them.