Getting Away With Murder

Carlotta selected a bottle of wine and carefully injected the poison through the cork with a long slender needle. She sometimes endangered an innocent with her methods; but she always got away with murder. That was not a word she would use; she was an assassin. The act was assassination of political enemies, not murder. She was known by both friend and foe as the Snow Queen; the woman with ice for a heart.

The ambassador was meeting his mistress in Hawaii. He finally accepted the word mistress once he realized he lavished jewelry on her, bought her a car, and was paying for her flat. Those things were more than calling their relationship an affair. Sometimes he felt like he was taking advantage of a girl so very beautiful and so very young, hardly out of her childhood. Other times he felt an evil presence that might not be from his troubled conscious, but from the young Carlotta herself.

They walked along the beach and watched riders on horseback splash through the gentle waves. The temperature had been climbing all day and their approach to their hotel through a tunnel of cypress in the formal gardens felt refreshing. They returned to the hotel dinning room for dinner where Carlotta suggested a favorite wine, if the hotel carried it. They did, and the waiter poured the ambassador a glass from the Imperial Winery, a blood red Merlot called The Snow Queen.

Subject: Getting Away With Murder (page 89)  Words to include: Snow Queen, cypress, wine, tunnel, horseback, childhood, temperature, endanger, imperial

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