Writing Continues

I am restarting my writing blog.  The purpose is primarily to keep me on track for my writing goals and put notes into a place I can come back to from time to time.  My writing at this time consists of our weekly Prompt Writing, which is great fun as six of us get together and write from five to ten minutes on prompts we find from various sources.  The delight of this group is the creativity of each from the same prompt.  I will post one of my efforts weekly.  These are all handwritten, which I think takes a little more time than if they were typed.

My other more serious, still great fun, is working on my second novel.  My first, a detective love story titled The Heart Case was great fun doing and self published as an ebook.  Let me you would like a copy of this little novel as it can only be obtain from this blog.

This second novel does not yet have an official title.  Now I am referring to it as Lisa’s Story.  My goal is to sent it to a publisher so that I can get a rejection letter.  With a rejection letter I will feel like I am a real author.  My time goal is to finish the first draft by the end of May.  I now only have a little over 57,000 words.  I have been working (really dabbling ) on Lisa’s Story for nearly a year now.  I made significant revisions of the protagonist and the plot since I started.

My next posting will be a draft of my proposal, which hopefully will make you wish to run out and buy my book (as soon as it is published).


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