There had never been a door there before

Carla and Al had been in their apartment nearly two months now. She felt the honeymoon would be forever with the love she had for Al. He left early for work that morning, she still had an hour before she had to leave. She dressed and headed to the kitchen, then stopped and stared at the door; a blue door next to the refrigerator. She took a second look.  There had never been a door there before.

She walked around the kitchen in a daze. The refrigerator should have been in the corner, next to a wall. Her heartbeat quickened. Had there been a door behind the refrigerator, and had Al moved it?   No, they complained how small the kitchen was. A kitchen couldn’t grow. She didn’t know if she should be more frightened or curious. Carla was curious. She opened the blue door and walked into a room she had never seen.

Al was hungry; also concerned since Carla hadn’t answered her cell phone all day. He guessed it wasn’t charged or she left it at home, something Carla was known to do. He called her name as soon as he opened the front door. Since her car was still in front she must have come home early. He got no answer.

He quickly searched their small apartment.  No Carla.  Then he noticed the blue door in the kitchen.  “What the heck?”  He muttered to himself.  He walked around touching the sink, the range, and the refrigerator.  he sat a the table in the middle of their little kitten staring at the blue door trying to think of something logical.  He could not.  Al stood, walked to the door, opened it and entered.  “Carla dearest, where have you been?”

Prompt was title “there had never been a door there before”

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